Swimming Pool

My Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool

Although Scaramouchine has enjoyed swimmming here, I think she is close to changing her gym membership. The pool is poorly organized, people swim randomly in a roughly linear direction and there are no lanes. With no lanes the pool fills up very quickly and the poor swimmers dominate. Scaramouchine has witnessed two near-drowning experiences. Scarmouchine has observed the laissez-faire attitude the Chinese appear to maintain towards death by drowning, however, does not find this cultural experience conducive to the relaxation she expects from an expensive gym membership. The swimming pool and the accompanying gym are poorly organized, faintly filthy and staffed with impossibly irritating people. There are cheaper and better organized alternatives. However, Scaramouchine looks upon this swimming pool with nostalgia and the affection often maintained by owners of quirky, slightly flawed technology who appreciate what a good and charming idea it might have been.

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