Bagan by Horse Cart

Bagan-592Scaramouchine discovered slow travel in Bagan.  While enjoying the leisurely pace of the horse cart, she reflected on how the car has contributed to the fast pace of modern life.  Not only does travel by horse impose a slower more contemplative pace, but is a sociable form of transportation.  Travel by horse cart allows the traveller access to fellow commuters and the time to exchange greetings or a brief conversation.
In a small town like Bagan, Go Go knew practically everyone and frequently nodded, smiled and exchanged a few words.






Scaramouchine, however, worries for the future of ‘slow travel’ in Bagan. Already during an unprecedented busy tourist season, the one narrow, poorly paved road in Bagan was clogged with cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles and horse carts all pushing to go two ways on a road that can barely sustain one directional traffic. Scaramouchine fears a catastrophic traffic accident.

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