More Streets of Yangon

As Scaramouchine walked the streets of Yangon , she saw . . . .

A Hindu Temple

A Hindu Temple


A guitar Shop

A guitar Shop


Street Food

Street Food




Banana Market

Banana Market


Traffic in Yangon.  Rickshaws and Cars.

Traffic in Yangon. Rickshaws and Cars.


The Doors and Windows of Yangon

Yangon.3-20 Yangon.3-19 Yangon.3-18 Yangon.3-17













2 responses to “More Streets of Yangon

  1. This is one of my favorite cities. I was here in 2011 and there were barely any tourists here. Now, a relative is going back and the hotel I stayed at, almost empty when I was there is full 7 months in advance!

    My icon is a picture of a woman and her child that I took in Myanmar.

    • You are so fortunate to have gone in 2011! We went in December 2012 and I am so glad we got a chance before everything changes. Already when we went they were having such unprecedented tourism that it was hard to arrange hotel bookings or flights. Part of the problem is there aren’t that many hotels to accommodate such a big influx of tourists, and they aren’t really used to handling big crowds.

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